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We onboard film and TV industry’s most ‘sought after’ production houses with a proven track record.

best work.

Personal Branding

Present your journey so far, in a short introductory video. Update your portfolio. Put your best foot forward. Sit Back and Relax. We do the rest.

Add your roles, skills and equipment

Record a short introductory video

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apply to you.

Instant Job Offers

Our tech algorithm will match you with the best job. Companies will shortlist and apply to you with an offer upfront. You accept, negotiate or refuse.

Negotiate tight.

Get Paid Right

Set a minimum threshold for your day rates. You will not receive offers below it. Companies will make offers above the threshold. You may choose to negotiate further and make counter offers.

You will never be underpaid.

Easy chat.

Reference Checks enabled

Chat instantly with companies and their past crew. Use our built-in chat messenger. Do not waste time sending connection requests or swiping right.

Instant Notifications.

Booking Manager

Get reminder notifications for all your bookings. Track the status and activities. We are your booking managers.

It’s a wrap.
The entire process is
completely free.


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3 Check References.

4 Work.

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