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Find Top Talent

Find Top Talent

We onboard industry’s most ‘sought after’ talent. We screen each application and choose the best.

Verified Talent

Verified Talent

We verify each talent profile on the platform by conducting a KYC check

3.Updates Profiles

Updates Profiles

We encourage our talent to regularly update their profiles for the best job offers

Easy Chat.

Reference checks enabled

Chat instantly with talent and their past employers. Use our built-in chat messenger. Do not waste time sending connection requests or swiping right.

Book Now.


Choose dates of your shoot and send booking requests to talent for those specific dates and times. Talent get the requests in real time and choose to respond. If you wish to get responses in a specific time frame, then you can add a timer too.

Negotiate Tight.

Pay right

Send offers and counter offers using the website. You will never overpay.

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1 Search & match.

2 Check References.

3 Make an Offer.

4 Confirm.

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